The Project

Are you a victim of “evil eye”? Is your husband with another woman and you want him back? Or, maybe, you need money urgently? If so, you must visit the Brazilian esoteric shops, where you can buy all the necessary material to perform your own “miracle”, ingredients that, in other countries, would be reserved to people who are training to be healers, magicians, sorcerers, and initiates.


These products are specially developed in small factories, -often even in the backyard of a house-, and the owners are responsible for their production and distribution. They create an incredible variety of home remedies, such as powders, perfumes, incense and soaps. Each product is usually made by hand and has a specific type of packaging that is attractive, competitive and easily understood, specially made for a lower-class audience. The graphic art is generally rich in colors and shows images (drawings or photographs) quite descriptive, and the package presents information of use as well as prayers.


The vast majority of these magical products are intended to provide sex, money, health, protection, love and control over others.  Because of their low price, they become an easy and accessible form of spiritual self-medication, representing an important part of the town’s business. Although the largest group of consumers corresponds to men and women of the popular classes, all kinds of people frequent these shops, if only to satisfy their curiosity.