Brazil has several doctrines, because of his multicultural background. This multiculturalism is well observed in the Umbanda, a religion that offers many different commercial offers to solve earthly problems. As a cult that does not discriminate on race, class, gender or dogma, this institution is getting more popular every day and becoming one of the few doctrines of the world where one can find the peaceful coexistence of all faiths.

The superstitions that formed in the course of history in the Brazilian religious field can impress any mind capable of reasoning free from superstition. In the case of Umbanda, occurs, in the devotion, worship and a creation of innumerable spiritual beings, because of the syncretism between African religions and European Catholicism. Lines of Caboclos, Pretos-velhos, Exus and Pombagiras, Ciganos, Eres, Boiadeiros and Marinheiros is currently one of the richest forms of expression of Afro-Brazilian religious imagery.

These spirits and spiritual bodies regulate everyday life and allow the faithful can relate easily to the world of sacred realities. This way of seeing the world is not the prerogative of the universe of Umbanda, but is easily found in all forms of Brazilian popular piety.

The Umbanda, therefore, refers to all kinds of religious beliefs that reveals and highlights the interference of the spiritual world in the life of the Brazilian people: the spirits are those that regulate and harmonize earthly problems. And even being in the 21 century, where supposedly the reason prevails, these popular beliefs are still more strongly present because they offer plausible, concrete, immediate and effective answers to the difficulties of the Brazilian people. This speed of interpretation brings relief to the patient, explaining the problem and maybe will be the beginning of healing.

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